Leap Year Deal

Leap Year Deal

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La Maruca 💋


tis’ the season of love

tis’ the season of love

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On Your 16th Birthday

On Your 16th Birthday

You are sixteen today. SIXTEEN! How is this even possible?!!? I remember being sixteen. I loved being sixteen! (It doesn’t seem that long ago actually.). For the record, I think you’re going to be way better at it than I was. You have a better sense of who you are than I ever did.

Many changes will be arriving soon enough and experiences are going to be pouring in, just remember to always be true to yourself. You were born in this world to be an original just as you are. Of course there will be times where you will sometimes blend in with the world, but at the end of every day, remember to hold on to your individuality. Stay caring, loving, humble and as confident as you are and allow these characteristics to become permanent elements as you continue to grow into your future self.  As much as I celebrate the ever-more-amazing you, and want to wrap you up in super-duper extra strength bubble wrap to keep you safe and sound as you navigate the next few years; I know I have to let you cut your path.  I pray that you make good decisions. But if you make bad ones, I pray that you be given a moment of grace so that the consequences aren’t life-altering, heart-breaking or soul-crushing and that you appreciate that moment as gift and a chance to grow. 

Oh, yes, remember to always call your mother. I know this sounds cliché but do it anyway. For as long as I roam this planet, there will never be a time that I don’t want to hear about the latest in your life, your friends, your studies, your job, what you hope to achieve or even just what you had for lunch. I may not always have all of the answers, but I can promise you that I will always be here to listen, nurture, and comfort you. So call me.

Don’t be afraid to be all in. Explore, read, see the world, get involved, defend a cause, right a wrong, step out of your comfort zone, sing, dance, make a fool of yourself, swim, run, hike, watch sunsets, play games and look at the stars. 

I am so very proud of you my son and I am ridiculously blessed to be your mom. I know your future holds great things.  And I feel privileged to claim a front seat in watching it all unfold. Live long and prosper. 

Happy birthday, Sebastian!  


Last Call

Last Call


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These gift…

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Feeling Accomplished

Feeling Accomplished
Exhausted, swollen and tomato-faced but very proud of myself.

I did it!  I completed my very first 5k and jogged most of the way. YAY ME!!!


The thought of a 5k was intimidating but I wanted to push myself just to see if I could do it.  I am supper grateful for the nice lady that kept me company for the entire race – even though she’s an experienced runner and could have easily left me behind.

My intentions were to walk most of it but with her encouragement and in an effort to keep up with her I did a mix of jogging and walking and managed to finish in 58m 30s.  Of course other people’s time was better while others took longer to finish the race so I am not concerned about how long it took me to complete the race.  The important thing is that I got up on Thanksgiving morning and kept my word.  Instead of sleeping on my day off, I rose up at 6am, drove myself to the Turkey Trot and FINISHED the race without quitting even when I felt like throwing in the towel. It took a lot of willpower to keep pushing while my body felt like it was about to collapse but I was proud of myself that I didn’t give in.

While my body certainly took a beating yesterday I am actually thinking about doing another 5k and see how I can improve.  I know, me, the gal who hates running is looking forward to another race!!!

My Smile Is Not An Invitation

My Smile Is Not An Invitation

With the Turkey Trot 5K around the corner I decided that I would start walking home from work.  As I way of making the walk more enjoyable I also decided to be friendly to whomever crossed my path. After all, there’s nothing wrong with making new friends!  At first, people actually shrank from me physically. But within a few days, they started to smile back at me.  This emboldened me to continue being friendly.  Smiling at these strangers was like a small exercise in compassion in which I acknowledged their humanity, and in doing so produced joy within myself.


One late September evening, it took me a little longer to leave work because I could not find my office keys. So ended up leaving an hour later than usual.  There was still plenty of light and lots of commuters on the road as well so I wasn’t worried.  Two miles into my walk, a young Hispanic man in a black Chevy truck pulled into the next drive way ahead of me. He greeted me warmly and respectfully. He introduced himself and offered me a ride. I told him I was walking for my health and would prefer to continue walking. We continued talking for about 20 minutes and the whole time he was very cordial and nice. He offered me a ride again and added that he would walk with me the rest of the way to keep me company if I didn’t want to ride with him. I dropped my guard and accepted the ride and asked him to drop me off at the high school. During the ride he continued to be friendly and respectful. Nothing could have alerted me to what happened next when he dropped me off in the school parking lot.

High School Teacher Parking Lot

He parked the car and as I gathered my sweater and backpack to get off his truck, he walked over, opened the door for me and held his hand to help me get off.   While I thanked him for the ride and prepared to say good-bye he asked if we could keep in touch and gave him my business card. Then he asked for a selfie for him to remember me by, to which I consented as well. He snapped a couple of pictures but they they came out blurry so I set down my things and offered to take the picture myself.  While I held my arms up, holding his phone to take the picture he positioned himself behind me, grabbed my hips, pulled me close to him and rubbed up on me with an obvious erection.  He just had this nasty smile on his face. He knew he had me. And I was too stunned by the whole thing to really stop him. It all happened so fast that it took me a minute to fully realize what he was doing.  It was the longest minute ever!  I just wanted him to finish and leave.…I didn’t want anybody else to notice what was going on, because I was so embarrassed by the whole thing. I felt so violated. I confronted him and all he could say in Spanish is, “I couldn’t help it. I like you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I’ve always wanted a woman like you.” I quickly grabbed my things and walked away as quickly as I could, looking over my shoulder to make sure he didn’t follow me. Hot tears streaming down my face. It’s probably the most degraded I’ve ever felt in my life. I felt violated, and pissed off, but I couldn’t even muster the courage to make eye contact.  I’m a grown woman, a mother, I’ve always known how to take care of myself. How could I drop my guard and allow myself to be so vulnerable? I knew better. The shame was so overwhelming that I didn’t even think of taking down his license plate number, or remember to ask him to give me back my business card.  I told my friend about the incident and the first thing she asked was, “Why didn’t you call the police?”  My father and the man I’m dating also asked similar questions and both scolded me for walking alone.  As if I wasn’t ashamed enough already that a stranger touched me so intimately, in broad daylight, on a busy street, and I did nothing about it.

Since then I’ve changed my walking route, I carry pepper spray and I don’t talk to strangers on the street anymore.  There will be no more smiling at strangers.


Just last week, I saw him again… or rather he saw me. I was walking my new route and there, two blocks away from my apartment complex, he was waiting for me at a bank parking lot. I stoically walked past him, ignoring him as he desperately tried to get my attention.  Immediately I called my 15 year old son to come meet me. We walked past our complex and around the next corner looking around  to make sure we were not being followed before making our way back to our apartment complex.

NSAM08 17x11_txt rep_v2.indd

It terrifies me to think that I may have a stalker but I’m determined NOT to let this man scare me into not walking anymore.