Today my little sister celebrates her 30th birthday. Like, woah. Thirty birthdays. Somehow that does not seem possible. It feels like it was just yesterday, when we first heard that we were going to get a little sister. Finally, a new addition to the household!  Mom brought you home and I stared down at your little face, wondering who you would turn out to be.  I marveled at your chubby cheeks and your dark curious eyes, unblinking, as if perpetually surprised by this world you were born into. I remember all the times I would spend rocking you in my arms singing Wizard of Oz songs to soothe you. I remember you twirling and dancing in a a frilly dress, immersed in your own little world and being quietly bemused when I realized that you were singing songs you had made up yourself. I remember the time you offered one of our family friends a quarter for her to stop talking. I remember it all like it was yesterday. Of course, at the same time, that feels like ages ago.

Throughout the years I’ve watched you grow up to be a responsible woman, a bride, a wonderful friend and soon a loving mother. I saw a little girl with so many dreams with little resources become a woman that stands today, successful, strong and beautiful. You sowed so many good seeds and your harvest has been great. I appreciate how hard you worked. I am so proud of the beautiful, smart and hardworking young woman you’ve grown into.  I admire you.  You mean the world to me.

I wish I were there to celebrate with a bang, dancing into the morning and sharing tons of laughs.
Have a happy, happy birthday, little sis. I love you, Changa!                

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