This December will mark our 5th year living in Houston.   Though I made a conscious choice to move here the entire time I’ve lived here I’ve been longing to be back home in California.  Granted my first three years here I lived in a rather secluded setting and without a vehicle of my own had few opportunities to move around to socialize – but I digress.  My lack of vehicle notwithstanding, now that a live “inside the loop” where public transportation is available any excuse I might have to avoid interacting with other members of my community is invalid.
Houston will never feel as familiar and comforting as the town I grew up in.  The town where all the friends I graduated high school with still get together from time to time.  The town where my closest friends and I would meet at my apartment for fun conversation while our children played in the background. The town where every month we would enjoy imaginative art pieces by local artists or partake of a night of debauchery while pub crawling.  Oh, the trouble we got ourselves into!
Nevertheless, Houston IS home and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Houstonian’s may argue that they pride themselves in being friendly, helpful people but I have experienced few truly friendly people – not in a genuine disinterested way at least.  So while my neighbor may not be inviting me over for a cup of tea or even “un cafecito con pan” any time soon I realize that I can only be responsible for my own actions and that if I wish something to change I must initiate that change myself.
That being said I’m going to put on my very special sassy pants and put myself out there to experience Houston.  After all, a community is only as strong as the individuals who make it up.  Neighbors helping neighbors and making personal connections with one another.  To that end I’ll be participating in the Houston Turkey Trot!
Me running is a totally insane idea.  I. Do. Not. Run. Ever.  However, this is an excellent way to get involved.  The race supports more than 167,000 seniors and children in Houston.  Not only do families have the opportunity to gather together for this fun event, it is also an opportunity to support the Houston community through Neighborhood Centers.
Neighborhood Centers is the region’s largest community development organization and the go-to resource for impact and innovation.  With more than 100 years of experience and a nationally recognized model for community development, Neighborhood Centers exists to keep our region a place of opportunity for everyone—bringing resources, education and connection to transform communities.

Join me in supporting Neighborhood Centers by making a tax-deductible gift toward my goal of $300.00 (US) dollars.   Please view my personal fundraising page by clicking on the link below.  Thank you so much in advance for your encouragement and support of this great cause.

Click HERE to make a donation

The event is still two months away which gives me plenty of time to raise some funds and train my body.  This is going to be challenging in more ways than I care to enumerate but the goal is to get involved, get social and continue being the example for my son.


3 thoughts on “I’m A Turkey

    1. That’s true of some. Others cannot even imagine outsiders not liking their town. I’d just like to have a pleasant stay at least until my son graduates high school. After that, depending on my marital status, I’ll either move back home or anywhere else but Houston. LOL! My father is convinced that I should move to Chicago. We’ll see.

      Right now I could use some fun in my life. 😋

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