A huge step in the right direction.
A huge step in the right direction.

I don’t believe your toasts to “absent comrades”

Me + Richard Armitage

Although I was in London this summer while they were abuilding, I made a point of not going to see the poppies. (Here’s a great description of them, though, by a fellow Armitage fan.)

I’m a bureaucrat now so I not only have the day off from work, I am also not grading or doing research or thinking I can use this 24 hours to catch up. Great day for me. I slept two additional hours and now I get to write.

But first, Veterans’ Day. I’ve written about it every year. Every year I hear about the war to end all wars. Every year I pray for an end to war.

Poppy-300x225When I was a little girl, and the last men were just home from Vietnam, the VFW sold paper poppies that looked like this one for a quarter. You could buy one as you…

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