August 17, 2010 Helpful Tips and Reminders for Highly Sensitive Survivors of a Narcissistic Parent

Hope and Healing Haven

Hi everyone. Finally a new post!  It’s been a wonderful, eventful summer!  My 20-year-old daughter has been home from college for the summer since May and it has been wonderful spending time with her–probably her last summer living at home with her father and I.  And we just helped my 23-year-old son move into his apartment in the big city with his first new job after college.  It’s been very exciting and my husband and I are so proud watching our children start their new independent lives with confidence, hard work, determination, and exhilaration as they pursue their dreams and desires. Next week, we help my daughter move to her first off-campus apartment for her Junior year at her university about 4 hours from here.  It’s an emotional time of bittersweet endings and wonderful new beginnings for all of us.

Although we still have an entire month of summer weather left to enjoy, this…

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