Moved Me To Tears

Moved Me To Tears
Richard Armitage France
This picture of Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back moved me to tears. I have yet to watch the full series so I had never seen this particular scene. When it appeared on my Facebook Newsfeed (posted by Richard Armitage France) I could not stop staring and I cried – tears-streaming-down-my-face-in-public – really cried.

8 thoughts on “Moved Me To Tears

  1. It’s a seriously sad moment in the series. We won’t spoil it for you — but when you see it you will want to cry again 😦

  2. Sometimes Richard catches me off guard with the emotional turmoil he is able to express in a minute gesture. I hope he’s just that good of an actor and doesn’t draw on his real life experiences 😦
    PS. The series is a must, get ready to be sledgehammered right in the feels, he’s so good.

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