Oh, yeah, it’s February again

You don’t need to tell me how you feel but I’m here to listen if you need me.

Me + Richard Armitage

Time for my annual reminder, and part of this is regurgitated, but only because I’m in a rush at the moment — if you’re suffering for any reason — February seems to be a particularly bad month for this problem in my world — ANDIF YOU ARE IN DANGER OF HARMING YOURSELF, PLEASE SEEK OUT SOMEONE TO TALK TO.  February is a really hard month for many of us. Me, too. So let’s just take it hour by hour, day by day; let’s just concentrate on getting through this minute. If you’re reading this and don’t or can’t believe that anyone you know would understand what you’re going through, please consider trying to speak to someone anonymously. Two years, ago, Karen offered some suggestions for finding someone anywhere in the world who doesn’t know you, won’t judge, and will listen to you talk about your situation without prejudice as…

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