Till the rocks meet the sea

Real life has been a bit drab lately….we found a decent place to lease at a reasonable price – never mind that it was not properly prepared for move in – and it has the potential of becoming a nice little home for us.

All of that is promising and exciting, however, packing boxes, hauling boxes, bags, loading and unloading is not fun at all!!!! It took us three days to completely vacate and clean the 5 bedroom house we shared with my brother and his family. We are sleep deprived and exhausted however there is still the matter of unpacking, organizing and de-cluttering the new place….blech!!!!!


Somehow in the midst of that chaos I met a guy. Charming, handsome, romantic….. He sent me a private message on Facebook which I had not noticed saying:

Season’s Greetings M, so bright and beautiful like the early morning sunshine in Florence. A big pleasure to send you a warm season’s greeting worthy to make you smile all through your existence in life.

Now I’ve never met this guy but I responded with a “thank you” thinking that would be the end of it. We’ve been talking for about a week now and I’m surprised that I haven’t sent him packing yet. We’ve clicked in a surprising way…. Generally I am super harsh to random guys that message me on Facebook. After all one can never be too careful.

He has been respectful, considerate of my time, charming, gentlemanly, intelligent , articulate and even poetic.

Yet still I’m skeptical… Part of me wants to explore this connection further and I’m really trying but I keep thinking that it’s just too good to be true.

Am I a cynical romantic keeping love at bay to protect myself?…now THAT thought had never crossed my mind….

Me a cynical Romantic?
Me a cynical Romantic?

6 thoughts on “Till the rocks meet the sea

    1. Yes!!! That’s actually the best news!!! I’m excited… about the rest….I think I’m just going to enjoy the gentleman’s lovely overtures for as long as they last…. 😀

  1. Sounds more like a romantic who just doesn’t want to get hurt. Romances have started in stranger ways and all the things you say are a plus for him. Keep it slow and who knows. I wish you the best of luck, new home, new romance, what’s next?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    1. As much as I’ve tried to fight it I have to admit that I am a hopeless romantic…but perhaps my life experiences have made overly cautious….which may not be a bad thing…I will heed your advice and take things slow…at the very least I might gain a friend….xxx Huge Hugs back xxx

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