Happiness IS a choice

An Argentine woman, documenting her relationships, begins an intimate investigation searching for love and answers: must she settle down or continue to be a free spirit in order to be happy?


New Message

You know and I know that Richard did not decide to message us “well wishers” simply because it’s my 40th birthday….However the fact that he did makes my birthday that much more super duper special….



Sorry, I don’t know who is credited with this lovely picture…

Thanks Serv for alerting us to this beautiful message from boyfriend.

On A Positive Note

So today I started a part-time cleaning job for a local family. This is what she texted me:
Omg!!!! I just got home and LOOOOOVE YOU!!! Lol!! Thank u!!!!!!!
We just love you!! And I haven’t even officially met you!! Hubby is so glad we found you!! I hope you don’t think it’s just a “maid” position!! 😀


The Perils of Working With One’s Ex

The Perils of Working With One’s Ex


Good Grief!!!!!

When I first got my current job I wrote about my Son’s father being my boss.  He and I agreed to keep our personal relationship separate from our business relationship.  It’s been working out wonderfully.  In fact I can honestly say that professionally at least I have a lot of respect for him (except for the times when I overhear him speaking to prospective employees and union members and mentions how he’s struggled to make provide for our son when he does not nor has ever paid child support —- but that’s a whole other story.)

The first week I on the job his latest GF called the office looking for him and was surprised to hear my name when I answered the phone.  The uncertainty and even panick was almost audible in her tone of voice.  She kept asking questions about me (What did you say your name wash?, Where’s the other lady?, How long have you been working there?, etc.) and I kept deflecting them by simply stating that I was new and assuring her that although Mr. So-and-so was out of the office I would happily take a message.  Since then she has been calling him at the office trying to figure out if her BF’s ex is the same person now working with him.  Obviously there must be some issues between them or she wouldn’t be so insecure about me – the EX for nearly 14 years, a woman she has never met personally.  It’s laughable really!

Yesterday she called in the morning to say that she would be stopping by the office to pick up something from her BF aka BossMan.  Saying to the other Admin like, “Oh gosh you sound just like Maruca.  I can hardly tell you girls apart.  I thought she had answered the phone.  Doesn’t she start at this time? But that’s ok because I’m so happy I get to see you today, Sweetie.”  BossMan was informed that she’d be stopping by but she never did.  He must have asked her not to.  Today she called again “looking for him” and caught me completely off guard asking questions about my Son and how much she loves him because he is so wonderful, yada-yada-yada, in an syrup-drenched tone heavily peppered with terms like “sweetie” and “honey”….  I was not prepared….she caught me completely off guard….I must have been quiet for an entire minute that seemed more like an eternity but finally responded with “Oh, he’s fine. He’s at home being the kind of teenager that  enjoys being stuck in his room playing video games.”

It’s been said that honesty is the best policy….  I’m not doing anything wrong and have nothing to hide even if I did agree to maintain our personal and professional relationships apart.  It’s his responsibility to keep his GF informed about anything that might affect their relationship – NOT MINE.  Obviously she’s cunning and persistant I just hope she’s not out to “get me out of the picture” by causing trouble for me personally and especially professionally….

Lord, make her deaf to the advice the enemy whispers in her ear. Be this woman’s peace of mind, touch her spirit, give her a vision of what Your plan is for her.