I’m with you, Richard Armitage

Servetus at me + richard armitage ALWAYS knows exactly what to say….I add my voice to hers with regards to Richard’s “controversial” comments in the New York Moves interview….

Me + Richard Armitage

Dear Mr. Armitage,

The most important thing I discovered in your interview with New York Moves over the weekend was an enhanced capacity to speak controversially. I said this immediately, and I said how it cheered me, because I have so often struggled to speak controversially when I thought it mattered or even when it didn’t. That was, and remains, the most important thing. What you said seemed a departure from your previous interviews, and then when it was affirmed that you had endorsed your own desire to speak about politics and your opinions, I was even happier. Because I know how hard it is to speak when someone is saying, “Are you sure you want to say that?” and you wonder, “Is it wise for me to say that?”

As your fan, I am interested in your opinion about everything. However, I don’t care about your politics…

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