My last post threw my gears into hyperdrive….I got into super-mega-analytical mode….

I’m not “me” living a life, I am a “life” living a “me”.   And I’m exhausted.  I refuse to continue being “THAT girl” – you know the one that is always jumping “out of the frying pan and into the fire”….in fact I’m quite certain that those that know me are now afraid of hearing about the newest in my series of unfortunate events that has become my life…..and that’s not including those that avoid me like the plague….insufferable, really…..  Something’s gotta give and there’s no better time like the present….

I’m still sifting through ideas in my head, evaluating the events in the last 20 years of my life, re-aligning my priorities to develop a game-plan.  It’s gonna take some time to recalculate the GPS of my life,  but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Life is too short, or too long, for me to allow myself the luxury of living it so badly. ~ Paulo Coelho


4 thoughts on “Recalculating

  1. Good for you for taking your life into your hands — and for trying not to get dragged down by others’ bad decisions. It’s *so* hard but I am cheering for you.

    For something about the last few years is saying “your life just has to get simpler,” too.

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