Happy Thanksgivukkah!!!

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This year, Thanksgiving falls on the first day of Hanukkah, combining to create the very rare holiday of Thanksgivukkah – at least that’s what popular media is calling it.

According to an analysis done by physicist Jonathan Mizrahi this won’t happen again for another 70,000 years!!!

The festivals might seem completely different but actually both are holidays of gratitude after facing adversity.

Hanukkah, of course, is a Jewish holiday. Known as the Festival of Lights, the eight-day celebration commemorates a Jewish military victory and the miracle of oil that lasted eight days when it should have lasted one. The Jewish people were thankful that their conflict with Greco-Syrian foes was at an end, and today Hanukkah is a fine time to be grateful for religious freedom.

Thanksgiving commemorates a harvest feast among Indians and Pilgrims that happened almost 400 years ago. While that might seem secular, those Pilgrims never would have been breaking bread with those Indians if they hadn’t first broken from the Church of England—and fled Europe in search of religious freedom.  Thanksgiving started as an appreciation of a bountiful harvest and has morphed into a day when people count all their blessings.

Hanukkah and Thanksgiving were both started by people who found a haven in the U.S. and have flourished there.  They are still two separate celebrations that happen to fall on the same date.  Whether you chose to call it Thanksgivukkah or not; this day should be a day of gratitude, fun and a unity.  Enjoy it!

Mazel tov!

Fun kosher food ideas for the once-in-a-lifetime convergence of two traditional holidays at theshiksa.com.



My life is BLESSED!!!

My life is BLESSED!!!
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They say that the Lord doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle….and I believe that is true…  I also believe that there is a purpose for our trials and tribulations…. He has a plan for every single one of us….The following verses illustrate this very clearly:

Isaiah 64:8 says: But now, Jehovah, You are our Father; we are the clay; and You, our Potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand.


Romans 9:20 says: But rather, O man, who are you who answer back to God? Shall the thing molded say to him who molded it, Why did you make me thus?

In order to fulfill His plan we must go through a process; kind of like a metal is heated to rid it of its impurities:

1 Peter 1:6-7 In which time you exult, though for a little while at present, if it must be, you have been made sorrowful by various trials, So that the proving of your faith, much more precious than of gold which perishes though it is proved by fire, may be found unto praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ

Meaning that although the hardships may be difficult to deal with and test my faith, in the end it I will be strengthened.  Just like Frenz’s rose bushes:

“if some plants of the same variety, age, size and living conditions are treated the same except one plant is pruned, the plant that’s been cut or “stressed” will eventually be much stronger and more productive than the one which was untouched.” ~Frenz

My journey through life, thus far, has been wonderful yet overwhelmingly daunting at times… I’ve enjoyed successes and failures… I have loved and been bitterly disenchanted… Friends have come and gone…while new ones have surfaced.  Although I can’t say that it thrills me to endure these trials, I know by experience that this too will pass and I will be better for it.   I am strong, capable, worthy and tenacious enough to remain true to myself while striving in my personal and spiritual goals.  All I have to do is trust in the Lord’s transforming work in me…learn to give thanks in EVERYTHING (yes, even for this painful pruning)…because the Lord knows exactly what is best for me AND my family…

“Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” ~Unknown

To say that this has been a tough year is an understatement; nevertheless there is still plenty to be thankful for…

I am thankful for a God who cares about all we go through (1 Peter 5:7), for the difficulties in life because they help shape who we are.  I am thankful for my family and the love we have for each other even on the days that love seems nonexistent.  I am thankful for the children in our lives, for the trust in their hopeful eyes, for their laughter when they play and for the very fact that they are healthy and alive.  I am thankful that even in the mist of this chaotic, messy, wonderful life I can stop and take a deep breath to rest and enjoy the moment.

So work hard, believe, appreciate, take nothing for granted and may you feel as blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Faux Freedom

Faux Freedom

Faux Freedom

We (humans) fill our life with distractions, both positive and negative, to avoid dealing with how trapped we really are.

Check out this insightful post by Mike Foster, one of the Storyline Contributors.  It’s a timely message for me; one that I’ll be considering as I continue to “recalculate” my life.    I want to be able to honestly say,  “I am in no place that I don’t want to be.”


Words Are Knowledge


Research has shown that the better your vocabulary, the better your chances at succeeding in your studies.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to keep a good dictionary at hand and actually USE it.   Learning to use the dictionary not only helps students become better readers but also ensures that they understand complex text, academic discussions, and all conversations to help them become college and career ready.

Unfortunately some students don’t have the “luxury” of having a dictionary available at school, much less own one themselves.

The Students as at Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy in GaryIN are in desperate need of dictionaries…They are eager to learn and better themselves through education. ‘s The School’s Board of Directors is actually matching every dollar up to $100 for the next 7 days.  If you can help put, please donate by November 29, 2013 and use the promo code INSPIRE during checkout to double your donation.  Please help the Students as Lighthouse College Preparatory achieve their academic goals by contributing to their book project today!

Please click HERE to donate.


My last post threw my gears into hyperdrive….I got into super-mega-analytical mode….

I’m not “me” living a life, I am a “life” living a “me”.   And I’m exhausted.  I refuse to continue being “THAT girl” – you know the one that is always jumping “out of the frying pan and into the fire”….in fact I’m quite certain that those that know me are now afraid of hearing about the newest in my series of unfortunate events that has become my life…..and that’s not including those that avoid me like the plague….insufferable, really…..  Something’s gotta give and there’s no better time like the present….


I’m still sifting through ideas in my head, evaluating the events in the last 20 years of my life, re-aligning my priorities to develop a game-plan.  It’s gonna take some time to recalculate the GPS of my life,  but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


Life is too short, or too long, for me to allow myself the luxury of living it so badly. ~ Paulo Coelho