Now that is a question….

Armitage world is a-buzz with new Images, videos of Richard Armitage as Thorin, the new scenes, the extras, his audition. I get caps and videos here and there but it’s just not the same now is it?!?!

Thanks to my editing skills I’ve got a bit of cash in my PayPal account and it’s so tempting to spend it on a film I’ve already received as a gift simply because the new version is extended….hmmmm….

Is it really worth the expense I wonder…

Perhaps my fellow Armitageholics can snap out of their Thorin induced daze to persuade me….(not that it would take much effort). 😉



12 thoughts on “To Give In Or Not

  1. Nine hours of pure visual ecstasy….and maybe seriously increased heart-rate. I have waited ALL THIS TIME for the extended version! You won’t regret it!!

  2. You could always flog the other DVD and get the new one or keep the first DVD as a backup copy. I had a N&S backup DVD but I lent it to someone and I doubt I’ll get it back 😉

  3. I can sympathize, as someone who has had to re-purchase DVDs just because the special features in another edition included 5 minutes (not nine hours) of my particular fangirl crush… Go for it.

    1. Oh my your crush sounds as serious as mine! Alas, I could not resist and purchased the extended edition on iTunes last night! It’s a stormy day in my part of the world which is perfect for enjoying these 9 hours of additional footage! 😀

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