Attitude is everything

This is probably the funniest, most heart-warming compliment I have ever received in my life! LOL!!!

A little background:
Eight years ago I went out on a blind date with a really cool guy. From day one we realized we were meant to be only friends. Our friendship flourished but one evening as he walked me to my car and without any warning he turned around, grabbed me by my waist and attempted to kiss me by locking his lips onto mine and shoving his tongue down my throat while I struggled to push all 260 lbs of him away. It was awful!!! Needless to say we lost touch but after nearly two years I got a message from him today that totally warmed my heart. Here’s an excerpt:

“Shoot I can just close my eyes and think back at the uncomfortable kiss I tried to give you in that night on my drive way and the fact that the Salmon dress you were wearing is what I most remember you in. I know sad! And that you also were able to convince Eric to come out with us that one night and to talk to that girl he was always in love with and they are now planning their marriage. So no matter what, we have this link that can bring a smile out of us anytime the thought comes through. I admire you so much, Mayra. Although I have to admit that for a second there it was just the ass, but I quickly realized you are so much more to me than that!!! I am glad it all played out the way it did, my goodness you are the last person I ever want to hurt. PROMISE.

You can make peepee and poopoo seem like the thing to do, always so positive and charismatic. I have always appreciated that from you. Well Miss Thang, you keep up the tremendous work, and stay in touch. I know it is easier said than done at the end of the day. Every day a little prayer and thought of you carries me a long way. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”

He lives in California and I in Texas.  Our friendship is not likely to ever be the same again but I will always appreciate the fact that he took the time to let me know how he feels about it now.




3 thoughts on “You can make peepee and poopoo seem like the thing to do, always so positive and charismatic.

  1. I think YOU realized you were meant to be friends and he realized something else — but I’m always glad for reconciliations, however they occur 🙂

  2. Guess he was worried that he’ll be stuck in the friend zone and perhaps wanted his tongue to win the battle and stick him in the potential BF zone 😉
    Joking aside, it’s really nice that he wrote. Hopefully he’s learned that REAL women need to be treated well and won’t make the same mistake next time he encounters and becomes friends with an amazing lady!

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