Life IS Hard

This is the perfect song for the soundtrack of my life (or even the current state of the world)…. Perhaps it’s the hormone’s speaking or the fact that I just re-watched this incredible video and again I am moved to tears….like the songs says I just feel the pain of the whole wide world and I want to help but can’t help the feeling that I cannot  or can’t do enough to help and it’s killing me while I’m just trying to stay positive and “smile from within”

Life is beauty through and through
Life is sunny, life is cool
Life is even easy too
But if my word is to be true
Life is something to behold
But if the truth is to be told
Let us not leave out any part
Do not fear, it’s safe to say it here
You will not be called a weakling
Nor a fraud
For feeling the pain of the whole wide world
You want to help but can’t help the feeling you cannot
And it’s killing you while you’re just trying to smile from your heart
So go on, say it, on the same knees you’re praying
Yes, life is hard

Come celebrate
Life is hard
Come celebrate Life is hard
All life is all we are

Celebrate it in the sun
Promenade it with everyone
Elevate it in a song
And I’ll be there to play it, don’t get me wrong
When I feel like dying and being gone
When life is hard
There’s just one thing, let’s not forget
Yes! Life is it!

Life is it, life is it, it’s where it’s at
It’s getting skinny, getting fat
It’s falling deep into a love,
It’s getting crushed just like abut
Life there’s no love, it’s getting beat into the ground
It’s getting lost and getting found,
To growing up and getting round
It’s feeling silence, feeling sound
It’s feeling lonely, feeling full
It’s feeling oh so beautiful!


All life is all we are


2 thoughts on “Life IS Hard

  1. I feel that way a lot, just observing the people around me … some days all you can do is be a loving person yourself to the people you encounter, but it has to be enough and I think it is enough.

    1. “LOVE is enough: though the World be a-waning,
      And the woods have no voice but the voice of complaining”

      Life is hard, messy, ugly but beautiful at the same time….and yes, love is enough…to carry us through this hard messy, ugly and beautiful life….we just ALL have to get on the same page and truly love one another…. ❤

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