My earliest memory is forever linked with a clown bottle filled with strawberry quick – you know, the kind that came in a tin can.

Etched in my memory. (x)
a drink I used to love
a drink I used to love (x)

I vaguely remember Dad carrying me from my bedroom into the kitchen placed on the floor as I drank strawberry milk from my clown faced bottle.   As he set me down I could see Mom busy in the kitchen.  The drink was about to run out so I walked to Mom, pulled at her skirt and handed her the bottle.

 “Más?”, she asked. 

I nodded.

Mom took the bottle, rinsed it, and put it on the kitchen counter.  She opened the cupboard and took out a small tin can.  I smiled and clapped as I watched her take a spoonful of pink powder from the tin can and mix it with some milk in a cup, then pour it into my bottle.  As she handed me back the bottle, she smiled and said, “Ya mero vas a estar muy grande para tomar teta.” (Translation: “You’re getting too big, it’s almost time for you to stop drinking out of a bottle.”  The smile on my face vanished momentarily but returned as soon the bottle was back in my hands.

Years later while reminiscing with Mom I told her about this memory.   She couldn’t believe how much I remembered!  She confirmed that I did have a clown faced bottle in which she served me strawberry milk and that I was about two years old when this happened.  Apparently this is the exact moment she decided to wean me off the bottle and that was one of the last times she let me drink out of a bottle.  Perhaps that’s why I don’t remember drinking a bottle again; in fact I can’t stand the taste of strawberry milk!!!  However, to this very day the smell of strawberry quick transports me back into that moment as if it were happening before my very eyes.


12 thoughts on “Memories: My Earliest Memory

  1. My dad was holding me on his right hip and we were standing on the altar of their church while it was under construction. I can see the right side of the altar and the baptismal font.

    1. No. It’s a really vague memory and a really early one (I would have been 18 months or so). My dad is talking to someone in that memory but I don’t know who, and that’s the whole memory.

      (My next own memory comes from August of 1974 when I was five and a half.)

      1. there were a series of things that happened right around my brother’s birth — that’s why I know the date of the memories.

  2. That’s a lovely memory, but I find clowns disturbing and that bottle is no exception 😉
    My earliest memory is when I took my first step, which may sound odd. Its even stranger as I apparently took it staring at my own reflection in a small hand mirror. It’s so twisted, it must be a psychiatrist’s dream to anayze lol!

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