Since I’ve arrived rather late to RA Party it’s rather hard to pick something original….

Other people’s picks for this have been, of course, Richard III which would be a dream come true for Richard; some have commented that they would like to see him play Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment; or even the role of Fitzwilliam Darcy from Sally Smith O’Rourke’s novel The Man Who Loved Jane Austen (not Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice); and of course there’s the Discovery of Witches camp whom make a compelling case for Richard to play the vampire Matthew Clairmont:

Matthew Clairmont. Brilliant Scientist. Valiant Warrior. Broken Man. His identities span the breadth of history from a knight on the battlefields of the Crusades and a spy immersed in the intrigue of Elizabeth I’s court to modern day Oxford Professor of genetics and Auvergne country gentleman. A Prince of France with a poet’s heart, Matthew Clairmont is a relentless killer crippled by remorse. A character whose emotional depth and complexity encompasses love, loss, and self doubt, he is driven by a determination to come to terms with his predatory nature and make a difference.

Richard Armitage, a dynamic, talented and dedicated actor, has the skill and insight to bring this nuanced immortal to life on the screen. It is not only his uncanny physical resemblance to the character description, but his ability to inhabit the grey area of a character’s morality with conviction and empathy that will bring Matthew Clairmont, a mythical creature, to the screen in a realistic and thought provoking manner. He is the only choice for this role. Richard Armitage is the embodiment of Matthew Clairmont.

Armitage as Clairmont
Armitage as Clairmont?

All these picks sound TRULY amazing!!!!!  Frankly, I’d go see him in ANYTHING he decided to do – REALLY anything!

However, (as if you haven’t noticed already) because I am a romantic sap, I’d like to quote MsGigglepants here (no offense MsGigglepants):

Perhaps a lighthearted, fun role where he “woos someone in a sexylicious way, without any evil undertones”

Is that too much to ask?  Like MsGigglepants I’d like to see him get the girl and live happily ever after.  Could it be that I want him to get this girl (meaning me) and live happily ever after with her (again, me)?  Hmm…something for further consideration in future.

Whatever he decides to do, I wish he would just tell us already so we can start we the fantasizing already!!!  Please, Sir, we’d like a hint, we really don’t need much to get our vivid imaginations going…. 😉

I could just melt!!!
He’d make a perfect Fitzwilliam Darcy . (click for a sweet story on O’Rourke’s The Man Who Loved Jane Austen.)

4 thoughts on “A Role You Would Love To See Him In

  1. Most of these roles would be fun to see him in. I’m rereading the books with Matthew Clairmont at the moment and would love to see RA play that character. But I still think he’d make a fantastic Fitzwilliam Darcy. And I was so excited about your link to Sally Smith O’Rourke’s page. I didn’t know there was a sequel to “The Man Who Loved Jane Austen!” Off to Amazon to get a copy. 🙂

    1. I had never heard of “The Man Who Loved Jane Austen” until I read about it on your blog, so thank you. Now that I know about it I need to read it and the sequel. 🙂

  2. I’ll just get it out there that I’d be happy with anything and everything at this point, but yesterday it struck me that I would have loved for Richard to play Sylvia Plath’s husband Ted Hughes in Sylvia. I know it’s a film already made, but based on the radio program where he read Hughes’ poems, that would have been a perfect part for RA. No offence Daniel Craig, but Richard would have dazzled!

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