What?  Are you kidding me?  The Richard Armitage we know, the one he allows us to know is perfect.  Really, what’s not to like?


He presents himself well-mannered, sober-minded, mature,  self-deprecating and modest, intelligent, yet refuses to take himself too seriously.  He also seems eager to try new things, he’s eclectic his interests, is adventurous, etc.  He.’s gracious with fans and coworkers alike.  Pretty well-rounded individual – or so he’d like us to believe.  He has admitted to having a temper – but don’t we all?  He even said that he’s never wrong; which is rather annoying, although I suspect that he was being facetious when he said so.  Since I have not interacted with him personally it’s rather hard to pinpoint something I don’t like except perhaps the fact that I have yet to meet him.  

I wouldn’t mind being wooed by the likes of Mr. Armitage.


2 thoughts on “Something About Him You Don’t Like

  1. With Richard it’s like he’s always giving the best job interview. You know, when they ask what you don’t like about yourself you say something like: I care too much, I’m too punctual. The negative is always a positive in disguise 🙂

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