Breaks my heart every time I see this scene.
Breaks my heart every time I see this scene.

There is so much emotion happening in this one scene when he says, “Look back.  Look back at me.”  His love for her, the pain at the thought of losing her forever is so palpable.  It gets me every time: tears chocking in my throat and streaming down my face….



6 thoughts on “A Favorite Character Quote

  1. And she doesn’t look back…
    Oh that woman! Would it have killed her to just look back? Seriously, there was plenty to see if she had just turned your head and taken a peek. Oh Margaret, you daft goose!

    1. The first time I saw N&S I was yelling at the screen like a crazy person for her to look back….face swollen from crying, snot accumulating in my nose…and Margaret never looked back! I think I was just as heartbroken as Mr. Thorton!!!

      1. I’ve always been quite harsh in judging Margaret, like wishing she would shed a tear when Bessie Higgins died. To quote one of my favourite characters Fanny: “She so severe an disapproving”. But not looking back at Thornton standing in the snow is a low blow Missy!

    1. Oh how I wish that were true. Margaret was quite oblivious of her own love for Mr. Thornton to even venture to believe his feelings had grown stronger….foolish girl!!1

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