Just one, really?  I must pick just one endearing quality?  The man is perfect!  Everything about him is endearing to me.

Absolutely perfect in every way (perfectly imperfect)
Absolutely perfect in every way (perfectly imperfect)

I love it when he:

  • looks down when he’s feeling shy or too much the center of attention
  • talks with his hands
  • folds his hands a lot
  • rubs his thigh when he’s embarrassed, shy, or being complimented
  • tells bad jokes (“A blonde walks into a bar…”, thinking that meme meant mime or his party trick – yuck!)
  • is slightly naughty (“I name my weapon, too,” song choice of “Master and Servant”)
  • is humble
Ever so humble....
Ever so humble….

All of those things make me smile from ear to ear….(actually, who am I kidding?  Richard Armitage makes me smile all the time.  Really ALL the time.)  However, my absolute favorite endearing of his habits is when he uses his eyebrows to express himself, whether he’s being funny, naughty, or even shy….super adorable!!!!

tumblr_mr5u5nBf4U1s1wqs9o2_250 tumblr_ms5f1tjx1d1s1wqs9o1_250 tumblr_mqrx9lFfIF1rikj8io4_250 tumblr_inline_mihwo6lAZT1qz4rgp vlcsnap-00629


7 thoughts on “A Habit of His Which You Find Endearing

  1. Before I read the whole post I was hoping you’d mention the eyebrows. Those things have a life of their own 🙂 I love it when those furry caterpillars start wandering all over his forehead.

  2. That first gif… I could literally look at that for hours. The way his eyes wander to the right, down, up, to the left, then the breath in, and finally the embarrassed smile and the turned-away head. It encompasses so much of his (perceived) personality – the attentive listener, the modest man, the pleased-by-praise individual… *sighs*… Perfect. Yeah.

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