Dwarves On My Legs!!!

Dwarves On My Legs!!!
via BlackMilk

Hmmm, interesting fashion choice….not sure I would wear this but they look great on the model!!!


10 thoughts on “Dwarves On My Legs!!!

  1. I’m pretty sure the dwarves wouldn’t look “right” on my (cough) slightly-larger-than-the-model’s legs. People would be like, “oh, you got leggings with Jabba the Hut dressed up as the dwarves from the Hobbit. Interesting choice. Are they ironic?” and that would be that. 😉

    1. Hilarious!!! AHAHA!!! I about fell off my bed reading your comment! I totally pictured these tights on my own slightly-larger-than-the-model’s legs!!! LOL!!! 😉

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