From p. 40 of Signet Edition of Thomas Wolfe’s – You Can’t Go Home Again (1940)

Some things will never change. Some things will always be the same. Lean down your ear upon the earth and listen.

The voice of forest water in the night, a woman’s laughter in the dark, the clean, hard rattle of raked gravel, the cricketing stitch of midday in hot meadows, the delicate web of children’s voices in bright air–these things will never change.

The glitter of sunlight on roughened water, the glory of the stars, the innocence of morning, the smell of the sea in harbors, the feathery blur and smoky buddings of young boughs, and something there that comes and goes and never can be captured, the thorn of spring, the sharp and tongueless cry–these things will always be the same.

All things belonging to the earth will never change–the leaf, the blade, the flower, the wind that cries and sleeps and wakes again, the trees whose stiff arms clash and tremble in the dark, and the dust of lovers long since buried in the earth–all things proceeding from the earth to seasons, all things that lapse and change and come again upon the earth–these things will always be the same, for they come up from the earth that never changes, they go back into the earth that lasts forever. Only the earth endures, but it endures forever.

The tarantula, the adder, and the asp will also never change. Pain and death will always be the same. But under the pavements trembling like a pulse, under the buildings trembling like a cry, under the waste of time, under the hoof of the beast above the broken bones of cities, there will be something growing like a flower, something bursting from the earth again, forever deathless, faithful, coming into life again like April.”
― Thomas WolfeYou Can’t Go Home Again

30-Day Challenge dangerously in arears

30-Day Challenge dangerously in arears

It has been three years since I’ve seen my family and friends in California.  My son and I flew into LAX on Wednesday morning and we’ve been basking in the warmth, love and light from our  beautiful SoCal village. 

So although I’ve attempted to keep up with our gorgeous hunk by admiring his newest pictures, there has been very little time to complete my 30-day challenge.   I’ll will make every attempt to catch up in the next couple of days….surf and sand permitting.

Don't be mad at me, Darling. I'll make it up yo you. Promise.