It could be worse.

So often we are so concerned about our own situations that we don’t take the time to consider the fact that there is somebody who is going through something much worse than we are; someone who would gladly trade places with us. No matter what we are going through it could always be worse.

It’s time to change my mindset and make a clear decision to work hard at obtaining my goals and refuse to quit on myself and my dreams in spite of my storms. It’s time to find potential in my problems and purpose in my pain. No matter how bad things seem there is something good that can come out of every storm.

We have the choice to determine how the storms in our lives will affect us. They don’t always have to produce dark clouds. It is up to you to stay positive through it all, and think about the greatness that will be produced from your storms. Yet we cannot do this alone. We need a strong support system of people: friends and family that will stand with us through thick and thin. Most importantly we need to trust in the Lord and allow Him to be our guide and our shelter.

Throughout my life I’ve experience this time and time again. In every instance just when I feel like I can’t take it anymore, that I am at the end of the rope, the Lord swoops in to give me EXACTLY what I need. It amazes me how quickly it is to get discouraged when challenged by a new situation. So this little note is a mostly a ‘pep talk’ and a reminder to myself to not lose faith, trust in the Lord, hang in there and be grateful because it COULD be worse.


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