There’s something really powerfully about admiring this image in color vs. B/W:

Richard Armitage photo by Robert Ascroft

                                              photo source

I am at a loss for words…so I’ll simply let the photo speak for itself and keep some aspirin handy just in case….


13 thoughts on “Heart A Flutter

  1. I havent seen this in colour before. I almost wish I hadnt as now I must simply sit and stare at it instead of doing the dishes…

  2. Oh wow – you are taking the words out of my mouth, Maruca! I am just in the middle of composing next week’s *ooof* – and I was going to address exactly this issue. Initially when I just saw your post I though “oh no, now I have to bin my post”, but now I realise that your post has given me extra meat 🙂 Thanks for that!

    1. Really? I always look forward to your posts on photography. Your talent at describing and breaking down every meticulous detail in photos is amazing! I’m happy my comment contributed to your next *oof installment. I can’t wait to read it!!! 🙂

      1. Oh, Lamaruca – you “know” me? *blushes* In any case, I get inspired by all the blogs and their lovely authors all the time, and I was delighted to see your post linked by Servetus. Have I clicked “follow” yet? If not, then I’ll have to do that now! Thanks 🙂

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