It’s no secret that in recent months one quite brilliant man has occupied nearly every corner of my mind (exhibit A) and I’ll probably continue enjoying this obsession hobby indefinitely.

EXHIBIT A - Richard Armitage (photo by Robert Ascroft)

                               Exhibit A – Richard Armitage

As much as I admire this lovely man for all his talents and virtues, the most important and influential figure will always be my father. 

Daddy's Girl

Throughout my life my father has remained a constant, loving presence, supporting and guiding through many trials and tribulations, sharing in my triumphs and being a shining example of how a man ought to behave in every situation.   He is a humble and simple man whom generously gives so much of himself to others yet asks for so little.  He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge that compels him to seek new ways to learn, improve and grow.  Fiercely idealistic and highly principled, he teaches by example the importance of being earnest, fighting for one’s beliefs and never giving up.

Alejandro Lerma, my father and hero

No birthday cards, wishes, greetings or messages could accurately convey the amount of love and respect I have for my father.

All I can say today on his 62nd birthday is: Thank you for being such an outstanding and exemplary father.  I look forward to creating many more cherished memories with you!

Dad & I (circa 2010)


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