A Towering Figure

A Towering Figure

It’s no secret that in recent months one quite brilliant man has occupied nearly every corner of my mind (exhibit A) and I’ll probably continue enjoying this obsession hobby indefinitely.

EXHIBIT A - Richard Armitage (photo by Robert Ascroft)

                               Exhibit A – Richard Armitage

As much as I admire this lovely man for all his talents and virtues, the most important and influential figure will always be my father. 

Daddy's Girl

Throughout my life my father has remained a constant, loving presence, supporting and guiding through many trials and tribulations, sharing in my triumphs and being a shining example of how a man ought to behave in every situation.   He is a humble and simple man whom generously gives so much of himself to others yet asks for so little.  He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge that compels him to seek new ways to learn, improve and grow.  Fiercely idealistic and highly principled, he teaches by example the importance of being earnest, fighting for one’s beliefs and never giving up.

Alejandro Lerma, my father and hero

No birthday cards, wishes, greetings or messages could accurately convey the amount of love and respect I have for my father.

All I can say today on his 62nd birthday is: Thank you for being such an outstanding and exemplary father.  I look forward to creating many more cherished memories with you!

Dad & I (circa 2010)


Writing Journal

Ideas swarm through my mind begging to be shared; yet they remain trapped there as I toil in daily house work…  I must start a writing g journal to release these ideas so that they may finally be free to hopefully help others….

To be continued..

Little by Little

2 Corinthians 4:16 – Therefore we do not lose heart; but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day.

I REALLY need this verse today.  Feeling a bit down…and starting to beat myself down a bit.    This verse reminds me not be looking at my past, as pitiful or as successful as it may be, nor be anxious about the future, as bright or dim as it may appear. Rather, I should seek the Lord “morning by morning” and “evening by evening” (Isa. 50:4; 2 Chron. 13:11).

The Lord creates our life path with abundant potential, but also with abundant changes as means to help us grow.  He has placed us in a specific era in time, in a specific city, and within a specific community to maximize our personal and spiritual growth.

There is always a tension between what I think I want and what the Lord KNOWS I need.  There are lots of things I want that I don’t necessarily need right now.  Time and time again I’ve experienced Him providing me with exactly what I need exactly when I needed it even if it was not exactly what I desired in the first place.    Which is why I feel so frustrated at this point in my life.  So this is me taking a step back to simply trust Him and wait on HIS perfect timing for the next step in my life.

John 16:33 – These things I have spoken to you that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have affliction, but take courage; I have overcome the world.

I just have to take it one day at a time and “little by little” (Exo 23:30)…“here a little, there a little” (Isa. 28:23).


photo source

Losing it

Disclamer:  I feel incredibly ridiculous writing about this but as embarrassed as I am about my…shall we say obssession with Richard Armitage,  I’m just going to go for it….hopefully I don’t come off a blithering idiot.  Perhaps it is that I hold a very high opinion of myself….but then saying so would make it seem like I don’t respect other Richard Armitage fans, which is NOT the case….or perhaps I’m simply a snob….No I’m really not…..still I feel ridiculous….particularly because my baby sister recently expressed her concern over my growing admiration for Mr. Armitage…..WHATEVER! This one is for me….I’m gonna write and just “let the chips fall where they may”.  So I apologize in advance if any of my writing is incoherent….after all I AM only human and yes I have lost a few marbles along the way (I suspect I’ll be losing more with each passing year – lol!)….Indulge me please….

Most know me as a level-headed, rational person yet lately I’ve been anything but!  Who would have thought (certaintly NOT me!) that as rational as I am I would fall so shamelessly and irrationally head-over-heels in “LOVE” with an actor.  The last time I felt this way about a celebrity I was 13-years old.  I dreamt about meeting then Mexican-American teen crooning hearthrob, Lorenzo Antonio.  It was the kind of infatuation that would have me dreaming about him day and night.  Inceasantly wondering what it would be like to meet him in person.  Constantly filling notebook pages with drawings hearths with our names inside of our names inside hearts.  Certain that upon meeting me he’d fall madly in love for me as well because I am such a wonderful person inside and out, the kind of person he’d want to spend the rest of his life with (Apparently I thought quite highly of myself!)  Now, at 39, I’ve got it even worse for Richard Armitage.

I am just in awe of him, his talent, he is the epitome of the English Gentleman, he comes off as humble, noble, and hard-working, his velvety baritone voice, his hyper-masculine figure, the depth in his eyes. Oh his eyes!!!! So incredibly mesmerizing that even under prostetic skin managed to captivate me while I watched him play Thorin Oakenshield on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. His gaze stayed with me for the rest of the night, haunting me…calling to me…as if through them his very soul was speaking to mine (CRAZY MUCH?!?!).  For nearly a week I fought the urge to look him up and when I finally did I was shocked to find he had such a massive loyal following.  Fans dedicated to cataloging his career, using their own talent to showcase his many attributes with fanvids, gifs, wallpapers, blogs.  Enough to keep us crazies lusting over his high cheekbones, his dark hair, his lips, his perfect physique, those eyes and of course that delicious voice!!!

Thorin Oakenshield

So after ogling for awhile I decided to “get to know” my Guy.   First I watched every single episode of Robin Hood.  His smouldering rendition of Guy Gisborne had me salivating for all over again.  Part of me was rooting for this delicious baddie to get the girl and live happily ever after.

Sir Guy of Gisborne
Then I watched him in the period romance drama North & South launching me even deeper into this lunacy that is falling for this amazingly talented and handsome man.  For as long as I can remember my ideal romantic hero has always been Mr. Fitzgerald Darcy (Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice).  While I still like Mr. Darcy an awful lot, the affections of my heart belong to another quite permanently I’m afraid.  The many qualities of Mr. John Thornton appeal to me as a blue-collar modern woman:  He is hard-working, business minded, loyal, sensible, genuine, open to learn from his mistakes, generous to those that prove themselves worthy, devoted to family and friends – an altogether upstanding gentleman and the better man.

Then there’s his charming representation of Harry Kennedy in the Vicar of Dibley, whom Mr. Armitage likens most to himself….(Swoon… *THUD*)  Forgive me while I pick myself off the floor.  Then of course on his turn on MI-5 as tormented spy, Lucas North he kept me entranced once again.

As proof that I’m a total nutcase I did this fun numerology quiz that says I’m 100% compatible with Richard Armitage…. My swooning heart soared when I read: “Compatibility level: 100% – A natural fit that usually produces a very compatible relationship. Mayra Lerma and Richard Armitage make up a creative couple, where Richard has the kind of creativity and sense of humor everybody loves, and Mayra Lerma the warmth and self-sacrificing love for the friends and family members that so easily wins hearts over.  They are probably a popular couple, with an active social life and a large circle of friends. Mayra Lerma has the innate ability to draw from others the kind of loyalty and devotion that lasts a lifetime. The master number 33 is often called the motherhood-, or fatherhood, number.  Healing and comforting is second nature to Mayra Lerma, who will spread it around indiscriminately.”  AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

It’s no wonder my sister is concerned….frankly I too am starting to worry.   This obsession is going on four months and still going strong, only I’m not so vocal about it for fear of being judged….There are plenty of blogs that catalog the growing admiration for Mr. Armitage…Countless of fellow fans have recounted similar experiences to mine…even as I read my own words….

 Mr. Armitage is an exceptionally talented, generous, genuine, and modest human being human being.  His rugged good looks, deep voice, charming personality and awesome acting ability have won him an army of fans over the last few years…..he is without a doubt an incomparable artist dedicated to his craft; yet like many a fellow fan I find myself “stripping him of his human dignity” by fantasizing about him in all manner of situations, often in quite intimate settings (*blushing*- even when I know I’m not alone in doing so).

However, when he appeared on the Lorraine Show in early March of this year, he seemed exhausted and with a bit of a cold and he suddenly he was not just another celebrity object of my girly fantasies  but a very real person…he was tired, sick and still keeping to his grueling  schedule when what he needed most was lots of rests and perhaps some homemade chicken soup.  I’d like nothing better than to get to Richard the person and genuinely offer him my friendship…right!

Perhaps this obsession will subside and he’ll just fade into the background like my other favorite celebrities, maybe I’ll find a way to come to terms with my obsession…maybe….oh, hell, I don’t know….I should just shut up and continue enjoying all things Armitage….